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What does Parland dream?

Parland was founded in 2015 and has been a growing company ever-since. Our mission is transforming businesses by producing cutting-edge digital products for our clients. We specialize in native, mobile and web applications development, as well as developing strong and scalable back-end systems to support the projects. Our company offers premium services. We put a strong emphasis on high quality standards and personal excellence in the working process. We are a closed-cycle business, therefore we maintain all of the production processes in-house: design, UI, UX, development, testing and deployment. Our vision is "LESS is more". We take in few projects - the ones that are really challenging! We invest into producing maximal impact and achieving maximal level of quality.

What We Offer


What We Offer

Mobile Development

We are the leading mobile apps development company in Canada. We are committed to iOS and Android application development, including gaming, productivity and lifestyle applications.

Web development

We help businesses and users address their day to day needs by developing an array of web applications, including innovative front-end approaches and complex back-ends.

Product Design

During many years in business we've mastered the art of product management and design. We can help businesses by handling all the production cycle - from concept to the working end-product.

Testing & support

Using our experience in product development we know where to look in order to make your product market-ready! We put a strong emphasis on respecting highest quality standards.

We push the limits of development and innovation..

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